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Master video game marketing in three clicks. Conduit transforms your gameplay into high-quality social media videos, so you never miss a day of posting again.

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Conduit transforms your Steam game trailer and description into handcrafted short-form videos you can quickly post on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to boost your video game marketing.

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Conduit is video game marketing built specifically for game developers, made as simple as three clicks. Now you can focus on what you do best—developing great games—while we handle your marketing effortlessly.

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“Conduit has been a great kickstart to our social and video game marketing initiatives. They have provided insightful data and helped steer our strategy in a direction that we believe in. With their help we also were able to easily market our video game on TikTok and YouTube and see actual success. We’re excited to continue working with them!”

Jaime Fraina

Head of Giant Fox Studios

Text image of a glowing testimonial from an indie game developer expressing relief and gratitude for Conduit's comprehensive marketing support, including strategy and content creation, with a background a successful steam game launch.
"Before we met Conduit, the idea of being a game developer and marketing simultaneously was extremely daunting. Conduit has not only helped us manage the marketing side of our indie studio, but taken the lead in strategizing as well as content generation.

     We would not be nearly as prepared as we currently are without their help, and I highly recommend them to any indie game developer who are looking to work with a video game marketing team with actual game development experience."
Kyle Haskett

CEO of Space Rat Studios

"I have been really impressed with the knowledge level at Conduit. They have truly global industry knowledge and a wide range of experience that helps them understand how best to serve indie game studios. I was really impressed with the workshop series that Conduit ran for IGDA members to prepare them for Devcom and GDC. The information was invaluable for the indie game studios that attended"
Suzanne Freyjadis

Director of Global Development, IGDA

Never miss a day of posting again.
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